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4 Core Principles of Music Production for Beginners

Music is a powerful medium of communication. As Shakespeare himself asserted “When words fail, music speaks”. Technically speaking, the music or the songs that we hear comprise of two basic parts: the instruments (guitar, violin, piano, drums etc) and the vocals which are collectively known as ‘Tracks’. The idea behind the process of music production is to give a professional touch to these tracks by bringing the music together, arranging and mixing them. Music production demands a lot of effort, efficiency and hard work to create that one perfect track.

Following are some important principles of music production which will help you get an insight into the nitty-gritty.

1. Plan
In the Music Production area, there needs to be a plan involved in the process. Although, it’s fine to wonder ‘off piste’ now and then, a plan provides a vision and a sense of direction dedicated to working towards the final project. Although it is good to be experimental, it should follow a certain limit so that you have a fair knowledge and understanding of the completion of the work you started with.

2. Power
While arranging the tracks, you need to understand that your audio must have enough power to withstand the tough competition. There is no dearth of good music and it is easily available on most internet portal and mobile apps, hence there is always a pressure on composers to produce tracks which will not only attract public attention but will also hit the ‘trending’ benchmark. So give your tracks a strong foundation.

3. Punch
In order to set your track apart from the crowd, there needs to be a sufficient punch in it. An incredible guitar track or a startling and catchy drum beat can make up for the much-needed punch in your tracks. The whole idea of introducing punch to the tracks is to grab the attention of the listener.

4. Presence
Importantly, for better sounding mixes, you need to strike a balance between the low-end as well as the high-end. Don’t undermine the importance of high-end even if they are a little tricky to add. A delicate yet a perfect balance between the two makes up for some amazing soundtracks that are etched in the listener’s heart forever.

Music production is not a cake walk. It demands a lot of patience and perseverance, but if these 4 Ps are followed it could lead to the production of some memorable soundtracks.

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