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America’s Top Leftfield Music Festivals

America’s Top Leftfield Music Festivals

Dance music is greatly taking control of almost all American and outside festivals and nightclubs. Thus, here is – especially if you like a more diverse variety in sounds – a one-of-its-kind leftfield gatherings’ choice in the US.

In support of every Electric Daisy Carnival, a boutique festival, on a smaller platform, is organized which offers a completely different experience from the standard. The top 4 sassy bashes for you to check into in 2016 are listed here:

  1. Decibel Festival – Seattle

The Decibel Festival in Seattle is in its 11th year now. At Garnish Music Production School, we seek to make an excursion into this hot bed of underground action. The party already has a wonderful booking array, comprising Lindstrom, Sango, Ritchie Hawtin, Soul Clap and Shadow Child, which makes it a wicked connoisseurs’ weekend to listen to twisted underground sounds. Their website holds a wide collection of superb DJ mixes, if you pay a visit to it.

  1. Centre of the Universe Festival – Tulsa Oklahoma

The Centre of the Universe Festival charges only $50. There’s no camping, and the non-profit party will offer support to the booming Brady Arts District of Tulsa. Coming out as one among the most reasonable festivals in America, this two-day event is going to have three stages with more than 100 acts such as AWOL Nation, Taddy Porter, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, and Horse Thief. It’s a cool and casual festival of its own kind.

  1. Art Outside – Apache Pass, Texas

A real mixed bag this one, with not just music but art, comedy, film and performance available for all the family. Music is provided by the likes of Mark Farina, DJ Vadim, Tauk, Wildlight and Little People. Now into its 10th year, this three day festival offers a unique setting to express yourself and take part in some really creative activities. Check out the video below to see how truly unique this event is.

  1. Satchmo Summer Fest, New Orleans

New Orleans is to see the Satchmo Summer Fest this summer. Whether you are a local, or you are in the city, it’s going to be an amazing time for you. To be held as a tribute to late, legendary Louis Armstrong, in the French Quarter, this festival is a pure blend of blues, soul and jazz. Enjoy street dancing for three long days with the availability of amazing Creole cooking.

Having provided the much-needed information about these four festivals, I must also reveal that some of these may be completely free. Does that make the tips more exciting?