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Ableton Live 10 | New Features – What’s New VIDEO

Now Ableton has made the big announcement, we can finally give you a first look! As New York City is our newest location, Garnish New York Ableton Live instructor Michael Hatsis (aka Bangingclude) goes through some of the new features in the new Ableton Live 10!

Firstly he delves into the new Wavetable Synth, which has two oscillators with oscillator effects, a sub oscillator, and the all-important modulation matrix. A replacement for Serum for Live users? Time will tell!

There are the three new effects. Echo is a digital delay, but also (finally) has Tape Delay and Space Echo. It has a nifty ducking control, so you can duck the delay internally without the need for an external source. Pedal is for overdrive, distort, and fuzz distortion effects. It’s not exactly Logic’s Peddle Board, but who really needs Logic’s Peddle Board? Maybe the same people who need all the organs in Native Instruments’ Komplete Ultimate! It has this cool feature that retains your sub bass no matter how much of the effect you add. Drum buss is an awesome analog-style drum buss processor, which adds lots of punch, thickness and glue to your drums, and pretty much anything else! It has a fixed compressor, crunch control, dampener, a one-knob transient shaper, and last but not least, a BOOM control!

Improvements on existing devices include the EQ8 now goes down to 10hz, and you can mono, audition and set the frequency of the sub bass in Utility, with some width control and gain changes too.

Multi MIDI Clip Editing allows you to edit multiple midi clips at the same time. This works both in the session view and the arranger, why we haven’t always been able to do this, I do not know.  Nested Groups means you can group groups, which will be very useful for mixing along with the new split stereo panning. Capture is a long overdue feature that’s been in Logic for maybe 10 years now. It captures the last MIDI notes you play when you’re jamming around, but not in record. An incredibly useful feature for capturing that unexpected fire. Come to think about it, why not have Capture for audio too? Have everything on input recorded for 8 bars. Surely not too much to ask a modern laptop’s resources in this day and age? Especially if you can turn it off on older machines. We’ll put that on our wish list for Ableton 11!

There are some automation improvements in Ableton Live 10. Now we have Automation Mode, where automation takes preference, so, for example, you can duplicate automation data only in automation mode without affecting anything else.

We can now zoom in and out, as well as expand and collapse tracks with our scroll wheels, and there are hotkeys for zooming. Like in Logic, you can zoom by selecting and hitting ‘z’. MIDI Chase means you can play your song from the middle of a MIDI note, and Ableton Live 10 will not only play the note, but it will know where it is in the note and play it where you are in your song. Great for those risers!

Lots of little things to speed up workflow like now you can warp and reverse clips on the timeline. Now in the browser you have Collections, which is great for organization, especially for Push. You can now see group tracks in the browser as well.

We hope you enjoy our first look at Ableton Live 10. As far as we know, you can still grab a lite version for free, and have a play around. Once you’re ready to buy, all Garnish students get 40% off if you take any of our three Ableton Live music production courses. We have a short 36-hour Ableton Music Production Course, our 120-hour (+studio time) specialized Ableton Producer Program, and our fully comprehensive 400-hour (+uncapped studio time) UK-accredited diploma. All of these courses are available in all of our locations, worldwide.

Video: Michael Hatsis

Words: Dave Garnish