Modern Pop Music Production & Recording

Modern Pop Music Production & Recording

Modern Pop Music Production & Recording | LIVE Online

Dive into the world of modern pop music production with our exclusive online program led by industry veteran Pete Gleadall. Known for his work with legends like David Bowie, George Michael, and The Killers, Pete brings his wealth of experience to the forefront, guiding you through the latest skills and techniques in the art of producing modern pop music.

This course is not your typical online class; it’s a dynamic journey into the heart of the music industry. Over 12 LIVE online sessions, Pete will share his insights, offering a rare glimpse into the inner workings of successful pop music production. Learn from a seasoned pro with a track record of shaping global hits.

Engage in hands-on tasks each week, mirroring real-world scenarios to ensure a balance between theory and practical experience. The program culminates in three live online playback sessions, providing you with the chance to showcase your work, receive professional advice, and connect with fellow participants.

What skills and equipment do I need to enjoy this course?

Some use of DAW (Protools, Logic, Ableton, Reaper) and some level of musicality or music theory is useful to get the most out of this course but not essential. Applicants are encouraged to highlight any such skills on application.

About Pete Gleadall

Pete Gleadall is based in London, UK and is a Grammy-nominated engineer, producer, mix engineer, programmer, keyboard player and MD. He has worked with many international stars like George Michael, David Bowie, Madonna, Producer Trevor Horn, The Killers, U2, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Robbie Williams and many many more. Pete has a long term working relationship with Pet Shop Boys as an engineer, mixer, musician, programmer and their Live MD.

Modern Pop Music Production & Recording Breakdown

Introduction and Understanding Modern pop music production
  • Introduction to the course
  • Introducing yourselves to the students
  • What is production?
  • The 7 elements of music: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Timbre,
  • Dynamics, Texture & Form
Examining Pop Song Structures
  • Breaking down the song structure of some modern hits
  • Learn about verse, pre chorus, chorus, mid 8 and their variations
  • Study how current Pop songs progress through a composition
  • Your weekly task
Examining the work and impact of top producers
  • Examining 4 hit producers work
  • The use of dynamic song arrangements/production
  • How to build tension and create memorable moments
  • Arrangements for maximum impact
  • Your weekly task
Live Online Song Playback and advice session
Examining Current Hits
  • How shorter songs are the current trend
  • De-constructing several current hits
  • Song structure and the chord structure of a hit
  • Your weekly task
Mastering Vocals
  • Why establishing the vocal melody is essential early on
  • Vocals: Recording & getting a performance and then comping
  • Vocal tuning and timing – essential today – what software used
  • Why automation is so important for vocals
  • Your weekly task
Drums & Percussion
  • The importance of rhythm in Pop
  • The rise of the 808 – for drums AND basslines
  • Drum patterns and percussion elements
  • Weekly task brief
Live Online Song Playback and advice session
Electronic Sounds and Synths
  • The role of electronic elements in modern pop
  • Use of Synthesizers and sound design for Pop tracks
  • Experimentation with electronic sounds and sampling
  • Your weekly task
Examining common production techniques
  • Augmenting samples with real players
  • Replacing soft synths with real synths/drum machines
  • Thrift shop alternatives to expensive vintage synths
  • Production gimmicks and tricks
  • Your weekly task
Music Production Software, Plugins and Top Tips
  • Must have software used in Pop.
  • Basic recording, editing, and mixing techniques
  • How to use production tools to refine a song
  • Your weekly task
Live Online Song Playback and advice session

36 Hours | $1099 + $100 Registration


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Our Testimonials

The Garnish DJ course gives you a full spectrum of experience from practicing your set, refining it, and then playing for an audience. The DJ course provided the knowledge and experience I needed to feel confident playing anywhere.

Patrick Lewey

I wanted to thank you once again for the great night yesterday! Thank you for the unbelievable chance to play in such a good and big place as Exchange Club and for the chance to feel amazing emotions Djing! I hope you liked it and were glad about my set. I appreciate your help and support during the night! I had really good time! Your school and particularly Dj class are fantastic!

Eugene Kirillov

I learned more in 6 days than a year of trying to learn on my own. Explained everything in an easy to understand format. Covered tons of material.

Michelle Tsukamoto

Lots of one on one, great break down, wonderful teacher. Awesome staff..I cant wait to take a production course to advance what I have learned in this class. Very positive, super supportive. I'm so happy I decided to cont. with my education..201 made everything gel in my brain from the first class especially when I started playing out. It all made sense.

Bee Cregar

Everything went really well in Ibiza this time and I had so much fun! I am so glad you taught me, you're the best xoxo

Paris Hilton

The classes were a game-changer. In just a few weeks I was playing at gigs with confidence and getting booked for more. I would never be where I am now without Garnish

Nikki Pennie
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