International Students

All students worldwide can take our Music Technology Diploma online in the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world without the need for any visas, so do check it out!

For Students Wanting to Come from Overseas

Visa Requirements

The visa requirements for entering the UK will differ depending on the duration of the course you’ll be taking and where you’re coming from. For those coming from EU countries or those countries that belong in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, you won’t need a visa to gain entrance to the UK and you’re also given the freedom to enrol in a course of any duration similar to UK students.

Non-EU Students:

a) Short Courses (6 months or less)

A Student Visitor Visa is required for those students who are not from EU and want to enrol on a course that lasts for 6 months or less. This allows you to stay for the full duration of the course with an additional 7 days after finishing the course.

All our six-month timetables are located below the diploma pages. You can access all of them here. However, you should remember that you will not have the full privileges of being a student in the UK. As an example, you won’t be able to have a part-time job here or engage in unpaid work placements.

Application Process:

Go to the Home Office website to review on the requirements of procuring a Student Visitor Visa.

All requirements should be met along with the corresponding documents (refer to pages 2 and 5 of this PDF). The money to cover your course fees and living expenses (£1000/month of the course) is an essential requirement.

Upon completing this Application Form, send it over to our Course Advisors together with the required documents from point 2.

A letter of acceptance will be sent to you once you meet the requirements, indicating that you can enrol in one of our courses.

Proceed to your visa application, sending us a scan of it once you get it.

NOTE: Visa application lies with the individual student. Garnish has no responsibility when your visa application is deemed unsuccessful. In any event that your visa application is denied, you will get a 90% refund of your full course fees.

b) Tier 4 Courses (>6 months)

Non-EU students cannot enrol in our courses that last longer than 6 months which belong to the Tier 4 (General) Student Visa. This is because Garnish has no desire to become a ‘visa school’ so has not applied for an HTS status by the Home Office.

c) Tier 5 Courses (Youth Mobility Scheme)

For young people coming from participating countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco and New Zealand who express the desire to learn and experience living in the UK, our youth mobility scheme is just for you. This enables you to take a course with Garnish.