Max/MSP and Digital Synthesiser Design £399

Synthesiser design Max/MSP music production course

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Max/MSP and Digital Synthesiser Design:

Design your own synthesisers, samplers, effects and anything else you wish. We focus on Max/MSP as our toolbox due to it’s increasing popularity and huge range of uses. Whether it be for making custom guitar FX, performing or making crazy sounds and rhythms. We cover the basic principles and go all the way to setting you on the road to making your ideas real!

Week 1: The Basics

  • Introduction to Max/MSP, it’s capabilities and possibilities
  • Interface overview and introduction to the programming space
  • First steps: Getting a sound
  • Introducing concepts of connectivity, logic and signal flow
  • Basics of sampling and synthesis in Max/MSP
  • Control: Make and change a sound, when you want to

Week 2: The Projects

  • How to set up and manage a project in Max/MSP
  • Making your first sampler, and it working how you want it to
  • Synthesiser project 1: FM, AM and PM synthesis
  • Debugging
  • Getting it to play: Virtual midi control
  • Introduction to clocks, loops and timing

Week 3: Conception, Design and Creation

  • Idea to finished project: Good programming practice and strategy
  • Synthesiser project 2: Subtractive synthesis, filtering and envelopes
  • Play systems: Midi sequences, loops and arpeggiation
  • Max/MSP as a DJ & performance tool
  • Math in Max: It’s useful, really
  • Signal processing

Week 4: Getting Interesting

  • Introduction to encapsulation and abstractions
  • Data collections and information storage
  • Synthesiser project 3: Waveshaping & sound generators
  • Advanced sampler design
  • Sound mangling & FX
  • Max/MSP as a composition tool

Week 5: Interaction

  • Working with other stuff: Use with sequencers and hardware
  • Synthesiser project 4: Additive and granular
  • Interface design
  • Advanced timing, data and maths
  • Poly~
  • Max/MSP as a concept design tool

Week 6: And Finally

  • Putting it all together & getting it running perfectly
  • Final synthesiser & sampler project: Entire systems
  • Fast Fourier Analysis & Transformation
  • An overview of advanced concepts and possibilities
  • Introduction to Jitter: Max/MSP for audio-visual use
  • A further look into one or two of the classes chosen subjects
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