How to Write a Song Group Session

Songwriting CoursesAfter the theory part has been completed, there is the option to write a song with our chart-topping instructor and the other members of your group (plus possibly writers from other groups when there is space). Dates follow the theory part as closely as possible, but you can book a writing day at later stage if you prefer.  If you book the writing day at the same time as the main songwriting course, however,  there is a £20 discount available (see below).

How to Write a Song Group Session | 10.30am – 7.30pm | £99 (or £79 when booked with the course)

A brief recap of the theory followed by a whole day of working on commercial song ideas. There is no pressure to create a complete song fit for pitching, but if things turn out really well and and the group are willing to work together on writing and production after the course has finished, a fully-fledged commercial song could emerge that may even be submitted to music industry professionals.

Whenever there is space, learners from all groups can use this opportunity to re-acquaint themselves with the course material and put their knowledge into practice!

How to Write a Song Group Session Days: June 21, July 26, August 27, October 11, December 13


“The course was excellent. It’s like being handed a deluxe toolbox for songwriting that you will use forever. I have learnt so much about how to write quality and catchy songs. I know my songwriting practice will be changed for the better since I have done this course!”  – Christa Wright