Music Production Training

Whether you are completely new to music production, an intermediate level producer at a road block with your productions, or are an accomplished professional wishing to broaden your skill set, we offer an engaging music production training courses where you can ask the questions you want the answers to when you want them. This is why some say that there is no substitute for classroom interaction in music production training.

Learners choose from our ‘menu’ exactly what they want to learn, just six sessions at a time and the time slots rotate to fit in with learners’ other commitments. Most learners starting out choose one from the beginner/intermediate courses and then a selection of intermediate/advanced courses.

Logic Pro X – Beginner/Intermediate

“A friend told me about GMP and their instructors so I booked their Logic course. It was just brilliant, the course was paced perfectly and I don’t think i’ve ever learnt so much in six weeks before. I’m finally very comfortable with Logic now and am getting ideas down on planes travelling to gigs!” Robert Owens

“I thought the courses were pretty much perfect!” Adam Ficek – Read interview


Ableton Live 9

“It’s a highly professional and thorough educational experience. The tutors were great, while the facilities and environment were perfect for such an undertaking. I will be returning, most likely for the Electronic Music course. Highly recommended if you are looking for a welcoming introduction to music production.” Simon Russell

“What a fabulous place, and the instructors are brilliant. The Ableton course I did was spot on.” – Tayo @djtayo

Pro Tools 11 – Beginner/Intermediate

“A nice relaxed working environment and detailed, in-depth working practices. I really got a lot from this course and answered a lot of questions I had about sound engineering processes in Pro Tools.” Paul Tilley 

“The course is well taught and covers a lot of ground… good tips and tricks included from a top industry professional” Ben Hurd

“You get a lot of fantastic information in a short space of time – but not too short!!” Natasha James


EMP (Electronic Music Production) – Intermediate/Advanced

“Really enjoyable and great value course- has really boosted my confidence and demystified a lot of confusion I had about producing. Would highly recommend!” Pheobe d’Abo

“Having a variety of tutors who specialise in each area provides an invaluable wealth of specific knowledge as well as keeping the course really interesting and engaging. I’ve learnt more in this course in a week than I learnt at Point Blank over 3 months!” Craig Gordon


Mixing and Mastering – Intermediate/Advanced

Mixing AudioEverything was explained and demonstrated in a way I understood. I never thought I’d ever be able get such great sounding tracks doing everything myself.” Ben Cullum

The greatest benefit of the course (over any online courses) is the fact that due to the nice small classes you are able to solve problems/ask questions about your personal productions throughout, in conjunction you’re your newly acquired skills.” Paul Crognale

Garnish provides the world-class music production training for learners from all backgrounds and genres. Read what our past learners said here.