Advanced Songwriting Tips & Vocal Production

Our Advanced Songwriting Tips & Vocal Production course is part three of our Songwriting Super Course.

This course is only for those learners who have completed our Level 1 Hit Songwriting Course and are eager to explore the concepts in even more depth. Special attention is devoted to the concepts of Style and Balance and, building on the techniques covered in Level 1, how to apply these advanced writing skills to the music genre(s) of your choice. Closely related to melodies and lyrics, we also cover the skills both singers and producers need to create magical vocal tracks!

Day 1, Part 1:  Writing In The Now: Genres & Styles

  • Level 1 Course revisited-remembering “The Formula” and other parts of the theory
  • Brand-new research: “Stylistic Cues” worksheet which will enable you to write songs that are “right” as well as “great”!
  • Current & classic hits under the microscope-see the “Stylistic Cues” sheet in action

Day 1, Part 2:  Vocal Technique, Recording, Production& Editing

  • How to sing like a pro and how to produce singers like a pro-the mysteries of vocal technique, recording and editing revealed, including the all-important psychology of singing!

Day 1, Part 3:  Advanced Lyric Writing

  • Lyrics: the subtle differences between good lyrics and great lyrics that make it into the final draft
  • Detailed analysis of classic lyrics-learning from the very best
  • Advanced idea generation-from creativity exercises to lists of title ideas
  • Further distinctions from the “Stylistic Cues” sheet

Day 2, Part 1:  Balance, Contrast, Glue & Production – The Pros’ Secret Weapons

  • Advanced melody, harmony and lyrics including in-depth analysis of recent hit songs with the help of a unique, high-tech songwriting “dashboard”(see teaser below)


  • Learn how all the elements of the production chain from song title to mix treatments are interconnected

Day 2, Part 2:  Final Considerations Plus Your Songs & Questions

  • How to compile a checklist of at least 40 possible weaknesses in all departments for your own personal quality control in order to make your songs as “bulletproof” as possible
  • Bring in your own material and have it optimised by our instructor Alex Von Soos which means you will be co-writing with a No.1 writer without having to give up any of your publishing share!
  • “Career Advice”: a personalised training plan for the time after the course so you can get to where you want to get without too many detours!
  • Extensive Q&A session.

Advanced Songwriting Course | 11.30am – 6.30pm | £169


Winter Intensive: January 18&19
Spring Weekend: May 5&6
Summer Intensive: September 1&2
Autumn Weekend: November 17&18

Or if you have any questions before booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


“I just want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your course. It was very insightful and intelligent, and I’m confident your expert tuition is going to really improve my writing! It was quite demanding as I didn’t stop all week, but it was worth the hard work and it was money well spent. Thank you so much. :)  – Ritchie Stewart