Producing and Recording Vocals

Our producing and recording vocals course is now part of our Hit Songwriting Super Course. Please head over there to book or choose from the options at the top of the page.


Vocal ProductionThis course contains singing, recording vocals and vocal production content, and is not only aimed at singers, but at songwriters and producers as well. Because even if we don’t sing ourselves, we still need to be able to encourage, coach and produce artists and session vocalists, and the more we know about singing, vocal production and recoding vocals, the better the main part of our song-the lead vocal-is going to sound!  Of course even though we cover vocal technique, actual singing in class is not mandatory-it is ok to just listen!



Day 1, Part 1:  The Voice: A Powerful But Delicate Instrument

•    An overview of the anatomy of the voice including useful ranges

•    Breathing, pitch control, vibrato, resonance-what the singer/songwriter/producer needs to know

•    How to hit high notes with ease and avoid breaking into falsetto

•    How to sing with confidence and power without abusing your voice

•    Post-course practice: singing teachers, online courses, open mic, Rockaoke etc.


Day 1, Part 2:  Behind The Mic: Performance, Technique & Vocal Recording Tricks

•    How to be relaxed in front of the microphone

•    Determining the correct distance from/angle of the microphone

•    How to arrive at the best possible headphone mix

•    How to translate the energy from a live performance into a studio take

•    The worksheet: how to make sure every word is sung with maximum expression

•    How to coach singers even if you are not a singer yourself

•    Further knowledge: singing teachers, online courses, open mic, Rockaoke etc.


Day 1, Part 3: Vocal Arranging & Editing Wizardry

•   Backing vocals–harmonies, pads, counterpoint, call&response, ad libs: bringing out your chorus and adding dynamics to your arrangement with additional vocals

•   The art of creating a vocal master take including comping and basic vocal tuning

•   Advanced vocal editing: timing correction, vibrato straightening, formant shifting etc.

•   Extended Q&A session


“Just wanted to say how inspiring and enjoyable the course was, it has given me so many tools and I feel I have a lot more to work with in my sessions so thanks a lot for sharing your hard work with us!” Alberto Diniz

“Was a pleasure attending. I really learnt from the course and the information you provided was beneficial. I will look into attending another course in the future.” Kimberley SK