Producer Seminars

Exceptional people mentoring those with potential is a process that has existed forever. And now, for the first time, we are adopting that process in the world of electronic music in our series of seminars, with a selection of the most talented artist/producers on the planet, who relish the opportunity of stepping out of the box, doing something different, and giving something back.

We invite participants to join us for a two-day seminar, where the artist passes on the best of their years of experience, whether it’s in-depth technical knowledge, strategical marketing methods, psychological aspects, labels & business, or maybe a bit of everything; each artist/producer is different, and they will focus on their forté. Two full days allow the artist/s to go into huge levels of detail and give time for the participants to ask as many questions as they wish along the way, on top of getting extensive feedback on their own music. This is invaluable and offers participants wanting to become world-class professionals themselves a unique advantage.

Included for live participants is lunch in one of the three fabulous restaurants located within the breathtaking Arthaus building at Garnish, where participants and artists get to band together in more of a social setting.

So that everyone gets the absolute maximum out of the experience, we limit numbers to six live participants at our studio, and six interactive streamers. We minimize differentiation by insisting on a careful selection process, which involves applicants submitting a short description of themselves, style of music they produce, and where they are with their music.


Mark Jenkyns: On June 14 & 15 Mark will break down his Hot Creations bangers ‘On Me’ and ‘Wind it Back‘, which came out while Mark was still a student at Garnish! He’ll pass on tips on how to get ideas down, and getting the thinking out of the way of creating (‘Art of Flow’), and how he uses templates effectively. He’ll give you an exclusive insight into his journey from Garnish student to residencies at Paradise in DC10, Ibiza in just three years with tips on networking, management and being in the right place at the right time. He’s also inviting participants to bring in (or send for streamers) their project files to work on collectively for the last afternoon session.

Rui Da Silva: On June 23 & 24 and then another seminar on June 25 & 26 Rui Da Silva will be taking us on a journey with an exclusive peek inside his most successful productions. We will be looking at his UK number one ‘Touch Me‘, delving thru every detail of this iconic production. We will analyse and discuss his latest work ‘New Lover‘ (essential new tune of BBC Radio 1) and his 90s productions as ‘Underground Sound Of Lisbon’.

We will also discuss what is his strategy to approach remixes, tips on contract negotiations, what it takes to break an underground club record into the top of the charts, from the original idea of the song all the way to getting the record picked by a major record label and the strategy getting it to reach number one.

Rui will be bringing decades of experience and offering an exchange of in-depth, first-hand studio experience and knowledge that is unparalleled and not available anywhere else, from exclusive insider information on technical knowledge, how to run sessions, how to handle artists and how to manage a career in the business.


£749 at our studios in London | £399 for interactive streaming