When is the course? How long do they run for? How many hours do they run? What are the times?
All the schedules for our diplomas and shorter courses can be found towards the bottom of the course or diploma website pages. A day schedule runs from 11am to 6pm with an hour for lunch and a 15-minute break in the afternoon at times decided by the instructor at good natural breaks in the content. Your lunch break starts between 1 and 2, and lasts an hour. The 15-minute afternoon break is at around 4pm. Sometimes instructors get carried away and do not to take a break. If you’d a break, just ask! Evening sessions are 7.30pm to 10.30pm.

How much are your courses?
All prices for our diplomas and shorter courses can be found towards the bottom of the course or diploma website pages.

When do your courses fill up? When should I book?
Our short courses normally fill up just before the 14-day deadline to get the 5% discount, so we would advise you book your course around 20 days before the start to almost guarantee your spot.

Our diplomas normally fill up about a month before they start, so we suggest you book your diploma 40 days before the start date to almost guarantee your spot.

How do I choose between the EMP and SMP diplomas?
If producing underground electronic music which you’d want played (maybe by yourself) at DC10 in Ibiza or EDC in Vegas, it’s EMP. If producing and writing Taylor Swift/Bruno Mars-sounding songs, choose SMP. Go with your instinct out of the two options.You can also cover both by ‘bolting on’ some short courses to cover the additional content of the other diploma as most of the fundamental content is the same.

Can I pay in installments? Do you have any payment plans?
You can find details of our payment plans for diplomas at the bottom of the diploma pages.

For our short courses, only full payment secures your place on the course. If you’d like to break your course fees up into smaller payments before you start, you can do, but we can only keep your spot for you when you have paid in full. If you have paid some of your fees and we fill up, we will issue you with a full refund for what you have paid.

What makes you stand out from the other music production training facilities?
The best music production instructors in the world choose us to work with because our boss is genuinely from a music industry background, and had the contacts to get our roster in the first place. We are the only facility to train high-profile learners, as well as complete novices, and are the only facility in the world who have Grammy-winning instructors, and we do both sides of the Atlantic. He’s not in the business of selling dreams, and genuinely has the students’ best interests at heart. We wouldn’t make out we just won a DJ Mag music production school award that hasn’t existed for over a decade! The instructors know this so prefer to work with us.

Do you have a record label?
No. In the real world, labels are very genre and sub-genre specific. One label putting out tracks from all different styles of music would be odd to say the least. Anyone can start a label in an afternoon without knowing anything with the help of a search engine, and putting out a record on an unknown label is pointless, so we don’t recommend you do that. We recommend Bandcamp before signing to a noteworthy label.

Am I right for your diploma or short course?
In all the years we have been doing this in London and now in the USA, we have welcomed anyone who has booked a short course with us, without any kind of compulsory vetting procedure. If anyone has been in any doubt, they’ve asked, so major differentiation issues on our courses happen very rarely.

Our master programs are a little different. Because we have very limited space, we ask potential learners to write a few sentences about yourself when applying. Then the next step is a phone or video interview.

Are you ‘legit’?!
It’s a question we really do get asked occasionally! For piece of mind, check out our testimonials at the side and bottom of the courses pages. Notice that they link to websites and social media of people who must be real, and a lot of the time people you will have heard of. Also, check out our reviews on Yelp and look us up on Ableton’s website as an authorized certified training center, and here we are on Apple’s site as an Authorized Training Center. We are very proud to be the only Apple and Ableton endorsed music production school in LA.

Why do your courses cost so much money?
Our largest expense is our instructors. We pay more for the best, worldwide. We have dedicated studios zoned as a place of work. There are many expenses to running a world-class music production training facility, and we try and keep the price as low as possible.

Why are your courses affordable?
Our reputation for educating industry professionals as well as complete novices, means brands like FabFilter like to associate themselves with us, so sponsor some of our courses. We pass on the savings to our learners. However, we wouldn’t accept sponsorship from any brand. We would have to be genuine fans of the brand to have them associated with the facility.

You will not find GMP banner ads on any music production magazine websites, we do not pay celebrities for endorsements, we don’t have strong commercial relationships with any DJ or music production magazines.

Do you have accommodation?
We do not have our own accommodation on site, but we do have a section on our contact page with accommodation recommendations.