Music Production Diplomas

We have two accredited Level 3 (2 A-level equivalent) music production diplomas, which carry a maximum of 280 UCAS pointsthe same as two A* A-levels.

There’s an Electronic Music Producer program for our future electronic music producers and dance music DJs who wish to study exactly what’s required to produce and perform top quality electronic music with Abelton Live 9 as the foundation DAW, while gaining a nationally-recognised qualification.

Our Pop Music Writer/Producer program with Logic Pro X as the foundation DAW is for the pop music producers and songwriters of tomorrow. Styles covered are Urban, Commercial Electronic, Rock, Ballads and out & out Pop!

You learn one DAW thoroughly in each diploma, as we believe learning more than one in a year is counter productive. If you wish to learn another DAW, you can ‘bolt on’ a DAW course, but we advise you don’t for at least a year.