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Logic Pro X Music Production & Certification | Nashville

Our Logic Pro X course is a immersive 36-hour class taken from our more comprehensive Logic Producer Program designed to give learners the skills to compose, record and mix music using Logic Pro X software. Upon completion of this course there is an option to become certified as an approved Apple Certified Pro at no extra cost. This class has been developed by our roster of instructors, which include Apple Certified Trainers and Grammy Award-winners, with years of experience. They provide the skills to understand the software, while also sharing tips and invaluable practical advice for new users. The small class size allows for instructors to engage with each skill level to provide the ultimate learning experience. This is an ideal class for both beginners and more experienced learners ready to refine their craft. If you are looking to make progress with your music both creatively and technically then this Logic Pro X Course is for you! Get connected and join our new Logic Pro X user Facebook group here.

We require you to have Logic Pro X software installed on your laptop. If you prefer to use a studio iMac with the required software, we have a limited number available for $75 per course. Controller keyboards, headphones, and audio interfaces are provided for all learners.

If you miss a session and you’d like to catch it up, or you’d just like to come back and repeat your course, you can do, free of charge, normally on your first choice cycle. Our door is always open for our former learners.


The Basics

  • Setting up Logic and overview
  • Speeding up workflow and file management
  • Introducing the EXS 24 sampler and Ultrabeat
  • How to program MIDI and make some beats
  • All about quantize and groove
  • Apple loops dos and don’ts
  • Automation part 1

Instruments & FX

  • Logic’s instruments
  • Channel Strips dos and don’ts
  • Using Sculpture to craft organic sounds
  • Logic’s FX and MIDI FX
  • Using MIDI controllers
  • Vocoding
  • Automation part 2


  • Where to get samples and the law
  • Mapping drums, tuning and manipulation
  • Chopping up loops in Logic X
  • Getting samples into time with your song
  • Filtering and manipulating samples
  • Automation part 3


Sound Engineering and Recording Techniques

  • Sound waves, frequency, and amplitude
  • The record path and gain structure
  • Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency
  • Microphone types, makes, and polar patterns – what to use and how to use for vocals and popular instruments
  • Compiling audio takes the official way and our way
  • Stereo recording techniques

Arranging In Logic & Advanced Midi

  • Tips on key command customization
  • Advanced MIDI editing and hyper editing
  • Arrangement tools, folders, and global tracks
  • Flex Pitch and Flex Time
  • Manipulating tempo, time stretching and using Flex Time

Music for Media

  • Logic’s mixer from top to bottom
  • Routing tips
  • Sync styles, trends and typical briefs
  • Tempo mapping/TC markers and TC basics
  • Arrangement tips for orchestra and theme building/stem creation
We run weekday, weekend and evening classes. For schedule details, contact us.

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Check out the student feedback from our longer Songwriting Music Program in LA

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    I wouldn't change a thing about this course. It was ten times better than I expected it to be. The instructor was incredibly informative and kept things fun. I've played with software for a couple of years and thought I got most of the basics down but I definitely was wrong. Great course! I would definitely recommend this course to anybody wanting to learn the production side of music. It was incredibly helpful and left me inspired to make tracks 24/7.

    Kristina Bialkowski

    I went from knowing pretty much nothing about logic to knowing how to built loops, work with midi, mix, and actually be able to record the music I write and and arrange on the computer. I'm really excited because logic x has opened up a new world for me as a singer songwriter!

    Dawn Red Sun

    Extremely helpful overall, I am a lot better off than I was months ago blindly watching youtube tutorials and not knowing what I was doing. The teacher was a great, very patient and understanding with all skill levels in the room.

    Abraham Perrotta

    The small class size allowed the instructor time to give us individual attention/feedback. The teaching style was easily adjusted according to the levels in the class. As a very new producer, I never felt left behind. I never would have thought I could make this much progress in just 6 weeks!

    Andie Arbogast

    This class was great. I've been wanting to learn digital music production and was warned that Logic was one of the most complex and difficult to learn DAW. In only 6 days I think I've learned the program well enough to start producing my own tracks. Not only that but I've left the class with enough excitement to get busy and make some music with my new found knowledge.

    Paul Vachier

    It was very hands on. the teacher knew a vast amount about this topic and is very informative and clear. He has methods of utilizing teachings that enable us to relate to better understand in what circumstances these methods would be used for productions.

    Raymond Casarez

    This class was tough for me, as I'm a beginner (and am 48 with not a ton of technical or DAW experience). I wanted to immerse myself, so I could learn as much as possible, but much of the class was still a bit too advanced for me. Darren was fantastic, and I REALLY appreciated the offer to come back and stand in future classes. That makes me feel like I'll definitely get my moneys worth!

    William 'John' Bragg

    I came into the program with no idea how to work logic and after the intensive week I walked out programming beats, using loops and samples…I feel like I can take my music to the next level now. Thanks 🙂

    Christy Thompson

    Great teacher who leaves no stone unturned! After Garnish, I feel that I have the tools to build a strong foundation and begin a career in the music industry.

    Daniel Cobos

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