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      I came in knowing literally nothing and now I can make a quality track in just a day or two. Simple as that.

      Jason Heffler

      The course helped me learn exactly what I wanted to learn and more. It was super hands on which will help me retain what I learned in the course for a long time.

      Benjamin S Shirken

      I loved the small classes that made it easy to interact with the instructor and let you tailor the course to your needs and areas of improvement


      I went to school at Stanford for three years and was been taught by many great professors, but I'm thoroughly convinced that my Ableton teacher in the EMP program is the best teacher I've ever had. The way he mixes new content, exercises, and little projects is really effective and I felt like I could do pretty much whatever I want in Ableton in just 2 weeks.

      William Huang

      A lot of knowledgable teachers that are down to earth and easy going… amazing teachers.

      Anthony C

      Daily News, Worldwide